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Looking Back Dog search (6 April 2013) The month of Easter. The search focused on wrap-around adorable ears, kissable adorable lips, drop dead take-my-photo beauty. The choice fell on ‘oops’. A head that was definitely put on the wrong body, and independent hair that would toy-toy in all directions. This was a choice! It was […]

“Is that Easter?”

“Is that Easter?” I was surprised by the young man’s question as my dog named Easter jumped into the car after our beach walk. There was something in the young man that lit up, and it was more than his smile. Anyone who knows my dog’s name is Easter would also have been told the […]

Easter Blessings

THANK YOU JESUS (April 2012)   A GIFT FROM HEAVEN Lord, I bow down; Here Lord, take the crown. A car, a kindle A child, a sister, mingled. An offer of thanks to my God of the highest ranks. But looking at this The gift of all bliss My Jesus on a cross The gift to […]