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“Where to, Bongani, where to?”

“Where to, Bongani, where to?” Bongani is like his foot; wave beaten, rock scarred, gnarled and unlovely to look at. The leg attached to the sand clad foot was stiff and rebellious to his walk. The walking stick did little to fasten his pace. I could tell that the rubbish bins did not produce much […]

The Three thoughts

3 power thoughts as I have an early morning quiet time walk with Jesus on the beach. (Always I read my Bible and sometimes I read the sea.) Between God and me. Early walk. 1.. So many rushing thoughts. Wanting’s from me. Wanting those verses about God’s riches; wanting that Presence through deeds and words […]

My poem after walking by the ocean: Dance by the Sea

Dance by the Sea The sea at the bottom the sea at the top Reflecting each other God ordered its job. From one end to the other The colours are made From darkest to brightest and lightest of shades With me in the centre the smallest of space But God gave His breath and made […]

New Video – You must see this!

New Video – You must see this!


Blow for blow, roll for roll, pinch for pinch.