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The Three thoughts

3 power thoughts as I have an early morning quiet time walk with Jesus on the beach. (Always I read my Bible and sometimes I read the sea.) Between God and me. Early walk. 1.. So many rushing thoughts. Wanting’s from me. Wanting those verses about God’s riches; wanting that Presence through deeds and words […]

THE THRONE ROOM (I often talk about the throne room because I visit there every day.)

Read Hebrews 12:22-24 You know who is there (God, Jesus…) but you can’t see. You know you are in eternity, but you are still in obligation to your body. You are visiting in a place that is reserved for the hereafter but you know you can come boldly. You know that you know that this […]

Prayers of the Bible

PRAYERS  OF  THE  BIBLE These prayers can be done as a study in your quiet time or at a Cell group Bible study. (Questions to help you in the studies, follow directly after the prayers. I am compiling them on a weekly basis.) It is important to always read what comes before and after each […]