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Depression; what I do.

This is what I do when I am depressed: 1. Read my Bible and talk to God. If I find myself too far in darkness I take a chapter in the new Testament and write down word for word. Before long I am exposing my ‘foxes’ to God. 2. I make a conscious decision to […]


Yesterday I played close up selfie-selfie on my cell phone. Click-and-delete! I look as if I died 3 days ago! My skin is like the surface of unmoving water at a soap factory; like sneaky frog eggs blanketed by my very own skin. Well if beauty is only skin deep, then so is ugliness. My […]

“Where to, Bongani, where to?”

“Where to, Bongani, where to?” Bongani is like his foot; wave beaten, rock scarred, gnarled and unlovely to look at. The leg attached to the sand clad foot was stiff and rebellious to his walk. The walking stick did little to fasten his pace. I could tell that the rubbish bins did not produce much […]