GLENDA KEMP STILL DANCING AT 70. GLENDA KEMP, dancing, at 70 Advertisements

GLENDA KEMP HARPER Still dancing at 70 Virus-free.

Glenda Kemp 2019 Virus-free.

LIGSKRIF DIGBUNDEL saamgestel deur Ellen Margaret Hancke

Op Reis met LIGSKRIF. Een Blaai, een woord en twee oe onder water. Trane sommer so in die openbaar in n lughawe Wimpie. Kyk, dis nou eers by die “Opgedra aan” bladsy, en goed spring rond in my binneste. Hier kom n ding, Glenda. Die een woord “PAPPAVADER”. “Opgedra aan PAPPAVADER.” Ek ken Hom! Dis […]

The South African Old Lady and the Chinese Gentleman.

THE SOUTH – AFRICAN OLD LADY AND THE CHINESE GENTLEMAN As prayed in my diary when I got home: Out on the beach, searching for You, my Lord. Hungry, thirsty for You. Apologetic repentance for not telling the world. Then you are there. Not in the sun; not in the drift wood; not in the […]

Afrikaanse dagboek

Afrikaanse dagboek. Gaan na

Dear Christians

Dear Christians A thing that bothers me much is the amount of Christians that send around messages that say if we type amen and send the message to 20 (or however many) people, God is going to bless us and we are going to see a miracle or something wonderful will come our way. To […]