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BIBLE STUDY LUKE 5:17-26 Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man.

LUKE 5:17-26 Pray God’s Holy Spirit be with you. Now read through all of John 5:17-26. Underline what stands out for you and the thoughts and feelings you have on the events; then answer the questions. (The red writing is directly from The New Living Bible and covers the work we are studying today. The […]

Prayers of the Bible

PRAYERS  OF  THE  BIBLE These prayers can be done as a study in your quiet time or at a Cell group Bible study. (Questions to help you in the studies, follow directly after the prayers. I am compiling them on a weekly basis.) It is important to always read what comes before and after each […]

Bible Study

Our minister Hugh Jenkins has just finished doing a course with us called ‘LONGING FOR GOD – Seven Paths of Christian Devotion’. Answering a question on John 1 just brought to the foreground how Gods word brings forth different treasures out of the same chapters. I had just completed up to John 14 before this […]