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HUISGENOOT 1 Desember 2016 bladsy 115 SLANGDANSERES …




NEW LIFE: Swartruggens 1966 – 1968 I arrived at Swartruggens an uncut stone and ended up blossoming in to the head girl of Rodeon High in Swartruggens. Then went on to pass matric with a first class and achieve a teacher’s diploma. Only by the grace of God is that possible. Please don’t tell me […]

Movie Offer 2010

On the 21 January 2010 I got a call from a man named Mendy Groner. He was from a film company called Memetic films. They had an office in Cape Town and also in Los Angeles. They wanted to make an international film on my life. My first reaction was “NO”. I am a new […]

2010 Tragedy

“For I consider that the suffering of this present time are not worthy to be compared with that which shall be revealed in us.” Romans 8: 18 Before Easter of the year 2010 the ‘black box’ of the wreckage that crashed down on my life was found; but its secrets belong to God. Everything that […]

Bluff Methodist Church Youth Group: J-Zone. Grade 4 to 7

Bluff Methodist Church Youth Group: J-Zone. Grade 4 to 7

In 2008 our Bluff Methodist church was appointed two new ministers – Rev. Hugh Jenkins and Rev. Joani Geldenhuys-Jenkins. Two full pledged ministers who happened to be married and happened to have two beautiful teenage children. This family did not only enter our church but certainly entered in to lives of their members; most certainly […]

Teaching at the Bluff Christian Academy…End 2003-2006

Teaching at the Bluff Christian Academy…End 2003-2006

The start of the interview between me and the head mistress of the school was no different to your normal interview for a post. We smiled a lot and talked of our love for Jesus and for children. I knew the opening for a teacher was as good as mine. “There is one thing I […]

Where There Is Smoke, There Is Fire

The only fire that was near this smoker was the fire of the Holy Spirit. Don’t pull your nose up in disagreement. I came to Jesus just as I was. I chimney smoked all over the Holy Book. God had things to do with me and He was not going to start with pulling cigarettes […]

Kicked Out and ‘Escorted’ to My Car by 2 or 3 Big Bouncers

By the heading you might think I am getting my chapters mixed up and this here chapter belongs to the past. Not so. The venue was an evangelistic revival tent put up on the Bluff. My crime? I prayed with one of the youths who was struggling with drug addiction. It was me who invited […]

Enter God (1997)

The first thing this merciful God gave me was an intense hunger and thirst to know Him. I stood with open mouth, in wonder, at what I was reading in His word. I realized the wasted years of filling myself with the world and vowed to make up for it. My teachers were Bevy Vermeulen, […]

The Minister of Education

New beginnings? So with Glenda Kemp dead in the movie I thought of rising from the ashes in to that which I had intended to be in the first place: A teacher. Children, here I come. I thought it was a good sign when the head of the teachers training college agreed to an appointment […]