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“Is that Easter?”

“Is that Easter?” I was surprised by the young man’s question as my dog named Easter jumped into the car after our beach walk. There was something in the young man that lit up, and it was more than his smile. Anyone who knows my dog’s name is Easter would also have been told the […]

The Three thoughts

3 power thoughts as I have an early morning quiet time walk with Jesus on the beach. (Always I read my Bible and sometimes I read the sea.) Between God and me. Early walk. 1.. So many rushing thoughts. Wanting’s from me. Wanting those verses about God’s riches; wanting that Presence through deeds and words […]

Prayers of the Bible

PRAYERS  OF  THE  BIBLE These prayers can be done as a study in your quiet time or at a Cell group Bible study. (Questions to help you in the studies, follow directly after the prayers. I am compiling them on a weekly basis.) It is important to always read what comes before and after each […]