Where There Is Smoke, There Is Fire

The only fire that was near this smoker was the fire of the Holy Spirit. Don’t pull your nose up in disagreement. I came to Jesus just as I was. I chimney smoked all over the Holy Book. God had things to do with me and He was not going to start with pulling cigarettes […]

Kicked Out and ‘Escorted’ to My Car by 2 or 3 Big Bouncers

By the heading you might think I am getting my chapters mixed up and this here chapter belongs to the past. Not so. The venue was an evangelistic revival tent put up on the Bluff. My crime? I prayed with one of the youths who was struggling with drug addiction. It was me who invited […]

Enter God (1997)

The first thing this merciful God gave me was an intense hunger and thirst to know Him. I stood with open mouth, in wonder, at what I was reading in His word. I realized the wasted years of filling myself with the world and vowed to make up for it. My teachers were Bevy Vermeulen, […]

The Minister of Education

New beginnings? So with Glenda Kemp dead in the movie I thought of rising from the ashes in to that which I had intended to be in the first place: A teacher. Children, here I come. I thought it was a good sign when the head of the teachers training college agreed to an appointment […]

Black Dancer on ‘Whites-Only’ Stage

Black Dancer on ‘Whites-Only’ Stage

I turned up at a much publicised show painted pitch black from head to toe, and wearing an African wig. Was I trying to be different or was I making a statement? Drums. Just drums beating as the black figure moved in slow motion, balancing a basket on her head. First the silence. Then, in […]

The Next Court Case – Stripped to the Bone

The police were now losing the plot. They were like little kids taking sweets from shops as if there was no law and order. My cheeky announcement must have unsettled them. “I am going to strip to the bone”. The venue was public and licensed. So I kept my promise and stripped to the bone. […]

Enter at Own Risk

Enter at Own Risk

I should have had an indemnity form signed before entering. One unsuspecting visitor ended up on the table screeching like a lady when encountering a mouse. Why the commotion?