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3 Power thoughts while walking the beach with Jesus.

(Always I read my Bible and sometimes I read the sea.) Between God and me.

Early walk.

So many rushing thoughts. Wanting’s from me. Wanting those verses about God’s riches; wanting that Presence through deeds and words pouring through my brain and out to the world.

Busy waters

Like those ever moving urgent waves pushing and breaking – giving to the last drop, pressing and sinking in to the edge of the world. Back again: joining, being, doing, breaking and riding the praises of action and white foam fruits. Bearing them with much ado about everything that is God. To God, from God, with God, in God.

Move with God’s ocean until the tide leads you to still waters – stripped of sound and stir. Never to be underestimated in power and strength by the feet that step in the meek water rest. Look beyond; this still puddle has the backup of an ocean, ready to rise to any occasion. Bring on the waves. Ride them to the glory of God.


the quiet still front water













Another thought: Litter left behind on the beach.

People passing spilled their guts,

Speaking trash that made their cut.

All this rubbish, what a shame

Alcohol bottles left their stain,

It’s this country, shoot it down,

I am spotless watch my crown.


I was there the day before

Seeing Jesus’ handle door.

Saw these people find escape

Blind to truth and Jesus’ drapes.

Prayed their hand the bottle miss

Grip the handle to perfect bliss.

Then with Jesus there to dine

Washed away litter, the story sublime.


No one set them litter free

If no one tells them how can they be?

Jesus send me this I know

My sign says God bless you

let the litter go.Beach braai area facing the sea.

Read between the lines I pray

Jesus loves you He’s the way.Beach braai area sign on wall.


Don’t complain, do something! So I did something. No one taught these people not to litter! No one taught me how not to litter with my punctuation and grammar! Come on, back off with accusations that are cruel, give us a lesson of love on how to apply this rule. So this aunty in her state, brought forth words to which I can relate. Words resting on a wall, showing love where litter falls.

“Dear celebrators,

A very good day and greetings to you.

Just a friendly request; please remember to use the litter bins for the rubbish.

May you greatly enjoy your festivities.

God bless you.

Much love from a fellow beach lover.

Aunty Glenda.”

[If they rip the sign off today, the back reads: Jesus loves you (anyway)!)]


  1. Another thought

… And as for the action towards the lovely 4 young men drinking and ‘music-ing’; I won’t tell! I want my reward in Heaven.  After Jesus had embraced them, I want to be there to throw my welcome arms around them too.  I love You so very much Jesus. You heard my prayers before the creation begun, and because Your hearing is timeless, You put their names in to the book of life.

All glory to God.


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