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Glenda Kemp – Snake Dancer


This is the back page of my autobiography

Religious women formed barricades with their bodies to prevent me and the snake from reaching the premises.

Courts and high courts and suspended sentences could not stop me and the snake.

I burst through like a meteor off course and turned a conservative country upside down.

Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going to?

The first puzzle peace of this mystery is in your hand.  Watch for tell tale signs as you read about…

This is my story, the truth, much better than fiction.

Glenda Kemp Snake Dancer Available on Kindle! (12/12/12)

(My autobiography)

A quick read of a fast life of impact.

A short story of a long life forever.

Few words, many actions.

This is my story. Read it, and tell me your story.


Contact me on Glenda482-safe@yahoo.co.uk



One comment on “Glenda Kemp – Snake Dancer

  1. I love the back page of your autobiography, G. It leaves you hanging and want to find out more. Excellent job.

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