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Bluff Methodist Church Youth Group: J-Zone. Grade 4 to 7


In 2008 our Bluff Methodist church was appointed two new ministers – Rev. Hugh Jenkins and Rev. Joani Geldenhuys-Jenkins. Two full pledged ministers who happened to be married and happened to have two beautiful teenage children. This family did not only enter our church but certainly entered in to lives of their members; most certainly mine.

Hugh Jenkins had written an unpublished book called “More than a Teaspoon”. A book that takes you on a journey through the Bible in which he shows you how to stop and look and listen. I held the precious words in my hands and then followed the instructions that opened new doors into places where Jesus and I had not visited together before. My prayer is that the course that he offered through the book will bless many churches and individuals to experience the presence of Jesus to a place where the gospel is here and the here is the Gospel.

After reading the book I wrote the following letter to Hugh:

Dear Hugh,

Thank you very much for allowing me to climb in, to indulge in this box of treasure. It should be left somewhere where everyone could get inside and take all the wonderful things that send them to the Word. I can’t wait for God’s timing when it will be published to His glory.

Thank you


Hugh Jenkins arranged a spiritual get-together of small groups in which he got to know us as we shared each month. My love of evangelizing wherever I walked and the joys of the Lord that rise above or because of obstacles came to his attention. When he learnt about my puppets he asked if I would start a youth group open to grade 4 to 7. After much prayer I said Yes to Jesus. I say ‘much prayer’ because I know when the Lord takes me on a journey it is the full journey and the joy of the Lord will literally be all the strength that I need. I looked forward to sharing the wonderful word of Jesus that provides for a weekly testimony of a living Christ. Eliza my soul mate was right there by my side with encouragement and her overflow of Jesus love to all who came close. Pam Classen was the games lady and organizer. The minister’s teenage daughter, Stephany Jenkins was the all over helper. Youth and age balancing the scales. It was through Pam’s thinking that Jesus named the group ‘J-Zone’ Jesus-Zone. We were now stepping into Jesus’ territory. Most sacred ground where the youth is touched.

2009 concert – Go tell it on the mountain

I had a clear dream. I had this big syringe with a big needle in front. I stuck the needle in to the Bible and filled the syringe with the word of God. I then injected the children with it. The children in turn took the enormous syringe from me (It took a whole lot of children to carry it) and injected others with it.

If something is going to be done, the best time to do it is now. So I took all the plays and songs and dances we had been doing the last six months and staged a play with the children. It was hard work and not without opposition from within. It was a wonderful experience that would leave a Jesus mark on every child and prayerfully, those who attended it.

J-Zone concert

It is so good to remember the blessings but to get to the blessings there is often a wall of attacks to get through.

Family Tragedy

My sister Jean died. At her funeral in Johannes burg I experienced inconsolable sorrow. I flew back just in time for the concert. When I say that God carries His children, I know what I am talking about.

The night before the Sunday morning concert, my friend Eliza and I worked until late to get everything ready. Nothing was too much for us. We stuck chocolate coins under each of the 100 chairs and then painstakingly and prayerfully went through the checklist putting everything in place ready for the concert.

The next morning everything looked just as we had left it the night before.

The curtains opened: Showtime!

The children were in high spirit. And the Spirit was high.

The second act was a play and it went smoothly. The angels appeared at the set time. From were I was in the front, as a narrator, I thought they looked a bit different but they were beautiful. What I did not know is that my friend (without whom the concert could never have happened) was handling a crisis at the back and believes that only a miracle got the angels on in time. Someone had pulled all the ribbons out of the angel dresses. The ribbons were what kept the dresses up. My friend prayed as the Holy Spirit moved her hands to tie knots that kept the dresses where they should be.

The next crisis was with the clown act. Verses that were pinned on to the clown suit were ripped off. The bible and drying cloth from the clowns pocket was gone. We improvised.

The last act involved all the children. The pom-poms had been mixed up and my star child did not have the pom-pom she needed. The curtain was ready to open. She sat down flat, folded her arms and refused to do her main act. That was when the devil finally managed to rob me of my joy and I shouted at her in a very un-Christian manner. My dear friend Eliza came to the rescue by providing what was necessary to save the moment. Stephanie our compere was bringing forth jokes and stories from sources she did not know she had. By the time the curtain opened there was nothing to tell about the mishaps.

Up to this day we do not know what and who tried to disrupt our acts. We found the missing things all over the back of the stage. It seemed someone had pulled it out and just thrown it away to the very back of the stage.

If the enemy gets so upset about God’s plans then I know that the victory is eternal…

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