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Glenda in grade1, jingle bells concert

‘Heads’ or ‘Tails’?

 There are two sides to this story of my life, in the same way as there are two sides to a coin.

I flipped the coin of my life over at the age of 15. I dropped it at the age of 21. I retrieved it when I was 47 and called out ‘heads’. So the first side of the story is one of shame and doom, telling of the time in my life when I lived in apparent freedom from obedience to the law, with the truth whispering all the time in the background — ‘slaves to sin’. What a side to the coin! ‘… and what was the result? You are now ashamed of the things you used to do, things that end in eternal doom’ (Romans 6:20–21). The reason the world sat up and took notice was not because of what the Word said but because of a scandalous young woman who removed all her clothes and draped herself with a snake.

Then the flip side toppled that life of headlines, fame and comfort and zoomed me in to all the excitement and challenges that mature you into the person whom God intended you to be. But that is not where I am going to begin.

Although I am now a new person in Jesus Christ, I will look back and start at the beginning. One big difference though, is that this time I have put my hand in the hand of the Man who stilled the waters.


About GlendaKempHarper

My name is Glenda Harper. I was Glenda Kemp, the "Snake dancer". When I was in my 20’s, I exposed my body. Now I am in my 60’s, I expose my spirit. visit http://readandpraywithglenda.wordpress.com/about/ for more

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