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Soho the sex-pots of London and the dream of an old lady

Soho, London

When the past comes to haunt you, watch how God’s Holy Spirit haunts the past by blessing the occupants of the present!

Should this story start in sleazy Soho or in an old ladies dreams?

Lets start with Soho – the sex pots of London.

30 years ago I walked here. Today 30 September 2011, I walk here, big eye in remembering.

Now the dream part. Ever have a recurring dream, year in and year out? Well I do.

Place: Soho.
Venue: Strip joint (that never was) next to a stage door (that was).

Let me explain. I worked in a strip club called Paul Raymond’s Revue bar. Our stage door was way removed from the theatre. Next to the stage door was just a wall to pass to get to the theatre around the corner. Now tell this to my dream and it insists there is a club next door to the stage door, and that there in that club (which never existed) is where I have to appear on stage, wearing clothes for the sole purpose of removing them in front of an audience. Now we reach the nightmare part of the dream. I am not ready. The drums are rolling my announcement. My showbiz clothes are scrambled in a suitcase and what I do pull out is full of holes. To crown the nightmare, I am not 26 but 62. Help!

Ready or not, here I come. If your name is called out you go. I walk sheepishly on to the stage. A silence. Surprise element? Then it happens: I tell them about Jesus! The love of Jesus strips the occupants of the club of all that which prevents Jesus from occupying the limelight. The darkness becomes light. Jesus is centre stage. (Holy Spirit is haunting the past in to His presence.)

Back to Soho 2011.

Jojo’s transvestites ladies

Piccadilly circus remembered me.

Brewer street remembered me.

St James’ residence building in Brewer street remembered me.

The café across the road remembered me.

But Paul Raymond’s Revuebar did not remember me.

I was just in time to witness its death. The big neon lights were still there but its shine was off. The billboard being in the process of being removed, was evidence of my past being taken away. I almost ran to the once elaborate entrance hall where I expected to see my nude pictures displayed. There I found two men moving big boxes amongst an undone surroundings. “Is this….was this Raymond’s revue bar theatre?” I asked. “Yes it was.” They replied.

Raymond Review Bar

“Heaven and earth will disappear, but My words will never disappear.”( Matthew 24: 35)
“The grass withers and the flowers fall; but the word of our God stands forever”.( Isaiah 40:8)

I stand before the stage door. That hole in the wall that let me in and let me out. It is still there. It remembered me.

Then……next to the stage door…yes you guessed it…the club in my dreams. Every bit, exactly as in my dreams. Now it had a name and real people working inside. Jojos is its name and the name of the people inside? Jesus knows every name and every person even before they were born. If it took an old ladies dream to tell them He loves them then that is what it will take. The power of prayer. I pray for you Jojo’s beautiful people.

I was so dumb struck that I could only tell Kimmie the next morning. The morning after having clutched my Bible to my heart throughout the night, wanting to squeeze the imprint of Gods will on to my day. It was my last day in London. Time is up. I visited my dream and did nothing about it!

From here on I can truly say that I had nothing to do with the events that followed.

“Kimmie, I must go back to the club.”

I went through my emergency 911 kit; my travelling companion. Packed 2 small booklets with life saving verses and 2 salvation tracts that tell how to live eternally with the One who loves you more than any person can ever love you. On one salvation pamphlet I wrote:

Dear Ladies,

I once was in my twenties and worked here around the corner. Today I am 62 and visiting the past. You are the future. Please visit me on my blog glendakempharper.blogspot.com/ [original site, now moved to wordpress]

I would love to get to know you.

Madame Jojo's, Soho

So there I was standing in front of Jojos, armed with God’s word, small enough to slide through a slit in the door but big enough to love its occupants all the way in to a new creation with God forever.

My personal message to you Soho is not about what is wrong or what is right or who is what and why and when. My challenge to you is this: Go and read the Bible. Take 2 years to read through the entire Bible. Start with the book of John in the New Testament. Pull a chair out and ask Jesus to sit on it while you read and read and talk to Him. Read through the New testament first. Then read the New testament again while adding Old testament books with it. Read 1John’s books over and over. The ideal situation is if you and a friend start doing it at the same time (in your own individual quiet time). Then get together and discuss what you had read. If you have questions write to me at Glenda482-safe@yahoo.co.uk I am not saying for one moment change anything in your life; all I am asking is that you read the Bible. God speaks today just as He did then.

God bless you.

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.” (Romans 8:28)

About GlendaKempHarper

My name is Glenda Harper. I was Glenda Kemp, the "Snake dancer". When I was in my 20’s, I exposed my body. Now I am in my 60’s, I expose my spirit. visit http://readandpraywithglenda.wordpress.com/about/ for more

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