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World Methodist Conference STREET RALLY (Sunday 7 August 2011)

Disturbing. Accelerating. Spirit blowing.

At arrival my Jesus heart was hit with every hand that came down with meaning on those drums. The sight of those Christian banners glowing among hordes of Christian weakened my sight with tears. In spirit I was playing David and dancing vigorously with the vibe. I said in spirit.

Ingrid and I held on to a banner that uttered a real truth from my heart, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feel and a light on to my path.” We carried our banner like a shining Christ(mas) tree lamp.

I loved every Christian pushing in on me from all sides. Oh the joy of shared Jesusness!

The first movement down the road cramped the stile of our feet but space became bigger as we moved.

Along the road, dilapidated buildings showed its occupants hanging out its windows and little balconies. I waved vigorously to the balconies bodies, praying that Jesus be their Romeo and them the Juliet’s.

Ingrid and I remembered the praises that go along with all the Old Testament marches. We said the Lords prayer. We sang songs, only interrupted every now and then when Jesus whispered in my eye to hand out a salvation pamphlet to a street onlooker.

I was shivering with salvation anticipation; the power released from thousands of Jesus children.

Then we came to a standstill; all the beautiful feet of those who are commissioned to take out God’s word.

The detailed, god gifted, work on the city hall is something to be drooled over, even without the spirit filled atmosphere. Now it just beamed in its showing off.

Sermon time. Speak Father, your servant is listening.


I hear politicians names uttered as if they were lots of Jesus’ who were crucified. I hear about lots of lamenting for the suffering from the past. I hear lots about lamenting because of human cruelty. They lamented for apartheid, they lamented for the suffering that the gay people had to endure from those who would not accept their status. They lamented and lifted people on high. I stood there and listened to what sounded to me like a new age speech. Jesus being molded to fit in to our human desires. I was not deflated. I stood there , a granite statue. Sturdy as the City Hall. I clutched the “Thy word is a lamp…” and drilled my eyes on to the speaker. I saw him, I saw the blue sky above the outline of the building and I saw the moon hanging – just hanging in the day.

A presence came over me. I lamented. My lips murmured “no”, “no”, “no”. I lamented for every lost soul that did not have Jesus. There was nothing like this in his speech. I lamented. He spoke of a sushi (raw fish) age. People eating sushi off a naked woman’s body. I lamented and wanted God’s salvation love for those people. Those people go to the same hell as the good people sitting in church and they have not made Jesus ruler over their hearts, souls and life. I lamented because the Godless onlookers were opening their ears to hear what this clear voice was representing for this crowd, with their banners. But sadly, they walked away with which must have sounded like a political speech.

Then Jesus came and stood before me. I saw His back. His dress was shabby and slept in. The underpants worn over the warn tracksuit , displayed a big hole. A hole. In his hand he carried a home made walking stick which leaned on the ground. His entire appearance called for lamenting. The love of Jesus coming over me dressed this man in love. My hand pulled out a salvation pamphlet and I waited prayerfully. This man was listening to a ‘sermon’ that could have told him of the love of Jesus. He listened intently. Then he started to walk away. My hand shot out as I followed, two steps, I touched him. I stopped him. I looked in to his bearded face – my Jesus, how You love this man. I wanted to hug him but he was on his way. I rubbed the side of his shoulder while holding out a Jesus pamphlet to him. I told him God will bless him. There was disgust and laughter from some of the crowd as he walked through. I hurt. My Jesus.

The Spirit of the Lord was over me.

I knew that at the hint of an opportunity I could shout out in a loud voice: “Lament for lost souls! Lament for those who do not know Jesus as their savior.” “Lament for our sins!”

Jesus does not safe people because they had suffered. He said we would have trials and tribulations. He suffered so that we can override (in spite of) this suffering in to eternal life with Him. His suffering and deeds opened the way to God. That Jesus is our only claim to fame – His fame! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Only Jesus. My Jesus. Make Him Your Jesus. Read all about it. It is in His word, the Bible! Read the book of John. Read the book of 1 John, then read Romans. Then read these books another ten times and then read the rest of the Bible. God save you!

“We have seen man’s pride and parade. So much of it is the glory of bloodshed, conquest and war. Or the bright lights of entertainment. Those lights become dim. But when Jesus comes these hollow trappings will be cast aside. Pride will be stripped away. The true glory will come. The unbelieving wisdom of men which has deceived the nations will be seen as darkness. Jesus is Lord.” REINHARD BONNKE

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