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Question: Why do people differ so drastically on theories about the Rapture? I don’t know what to believe, please help!

(By Val Waldeck. Taken from Joy Magazine “Ask Val”.

Answer: My research has convinced me that the Rapture of he Church is a fact and I was delighted to find literature demonstrating that the very Early Church Fathers taught that too. Tim La Haye’s book ‘The Rapture” makes very interesting reading as he looks at all the objections to the Rapture of the Church (i.e. The doctrine that Christ is coming for His people prior to or during the reign of anti-Christ). My final conclusion, however, (that has been a lifelong belief) is that we don’t have all the information. John had some information he didn’t share –see Revelation 20 where he was told not to write what he seven thunders said.

So with our incomplete information, it is something like a jigsaw puzzle. We are trying to make a picture with some pieces missing. Therefore we can’t lay our head on a block and say it is like this or that. The best we can do is say – “This is how I see it, but I don’t have the complete picture so I have no fight with others who see it another way.” Lets be ready to meet Him – whenever He comes for His Church.




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