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If Jesus has not lit the God candle in you, you might find my writings strange.

(The lighter is kept in John 3:3)

Hermie is coming to visit on Tuesday.

God arranged it. Steven paid the ticket and Joanie provided the pocket money.

Hermie is my sister. Joanie is my sister. Steven is my late sisters son.

The core of everything is explained in my book which is soon to be published.

Here follows an extract exposing Hermie’s sorrow. As seen by me.


“He reveals deep and mysterious things and knows what lies hidden in darkness.” (Daniel 2: 22)

When you are sixty and the youngest of 5 sisters you expect that Jesus could be nearing completion of preparing a place and ready to fetch one of you. Then when He came to fetch my second oldest sister Hermie’s only daughter and grand daughter in one go you feel the crash, the silence and the darkness.

It happened in the night. It was a car accident near Graaff Reinet. 9 January 2010. Two weeks before Hermie’s 70th birthday

It must have been a terrible crash and then a terrible silence and then a terrible darkness.

That darkness, cold and silent enfolded itself around all our sisters.

“The Lord does whatever pleases Him” Psalm 135: 6
“For everything serves Your plans” Psalm 119: 91
“The Lord has made heaven His throne, from there He rules everything.” Psalm 1o3: 19.

I don’t know what people do who don’t know God.

I can only tell you what happened as I see it. I can never go in to Hermie’s heart and experience it. All I could do was to cry together with her on the phone.

My letter to my daughter Kimmie can capture my first thought and prayers.

Good morning Kimmie,

I did not sleep much. I also thought of all the people in the Bible who lost their children. I know Jacob could not be consoled when he was told Joseph was dead. David fell to pieces when Absalom was killed, even though Absalom had tried to kill him. David also would not eat when his baby from Bathsheba was deadly ill. Job lost all his kids in one go. Mary thought she lost her Son Jesus. I don’t know why I am shocked that God let it happen.

My first prayer in every one of my diaries are “Let Your Will Be Done” (together with ‘let me love you and don’t let me leave You.) So this is Gods will. All I can do is watch my sister crumble as if acid was poured over her body and soul and I can do nothing to stop it.

I can hope that God will have it in His will that Jesus fetches Hermie soon so that the pain will go away and she can be with the loving God who will explain everything to her (or wont have to because it wont matter then.) And she will see her beloved daughter and grand daughter and sister and husband, and all the mourning will turn to laughter and a joy that has not been experienced in this world.

I am on prayer duty in the church today. That is a hard one. For whatever request I will pray: God, you know what you have ordained in this day for this person. I thank You that You are in control and that You know what is best for us to prepare us for Your Kingdom. I will stand back and let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

God said: “I will never leave you not forsake you.”

Jesus said: “I am with you always.”

Love you, Kimmie, my child, for now and for eternity. I thank God that you are His child.

Your Mom.

Kim’s reply:

Dear Mom,

Funny enough, we had a memorial service today for one of the congregation’s mother who passed away two years ago. So it was all about death and pain and then life and resurrection. We also sang “I have a friend in Jesus”.

The one thing that really stuck out was the verse in Romans 8: 18, “I consider what we suffer at this present time cannot be compared at all with the glory that is going to be revealed to us” and I thought of aunty Hermie and all her suffering, but the joy of knowing her child is with Jesus and soon she will be with Jesus and the suffering will be turned to joy multiplied by millions. Hope is so important and we can pray that aunty Hermie will be blessed and comforted and continue to do the work God has prepared for her, because the work of her daughter is finished now. Jesus said he will comfort those who mourn.

Love you


Hi Kimmie,

I phoned Hermie and it was such an uplifting talk. I told her about your sermon and she was happy. I truly see what God can do in a life. I underestimated God and I apologized to Him. We talked about the things you said and God’s plans and the blessed assurance of his care and we even laughed. Her son and daughter in law will be here from America next week. They also love the Lord and there is so much love. Hermie tells me her church had a special service and the minister asked for silence to hold Hermie up in prayer. She said she felt her spirit move at that time. It strengthened my faith in prayer. The power is there where it is needed.

My Bible reading at this time is Leviticus 10. Aaron lost both his sons in one go. Just like Hermie. Aaron was silent. God told him the family could mourn by tearing their clothes and not combing their hair but he was not allowed to mourn as he was anointed. My heart cried for him. The whole 10 is so sad. It just goes to show Gods absolute holiness. I thought of Hermie who is such an example for Jesus. She is comforting those who come to comfort her. Christians seem to mourn in a different way. It is because we know that life with Jesus here continues in to eternity after the death of the body.”

Joan, Glenda, Linda, Hermie: Christmas 2010

Steven (My late sister Jean's son)

Thank you Steven. Thank you Joanie. Love you.

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